Eye Contour Hyaluronic Serum

CA$67.00 + tx


CA$67.00 + tx
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Format: 50 ml
Key ingredients: 23 carat gold, gum acacia, hydrolyzed polysaccharide, aloe vera
Skin type: Acneic, Dehydrated, Oily, Mature, Mixed, Normal, Dry, Sensitive, All skin types

This Eye Contour Serum is a booster for the skin around the eyes. Its formula with 23 carat gold and hylauronic acid is specifically designed to smooth and diminish the fine lines and wrinkles while hydrating and giving an instant brightening luminous effect within 15 minutes after application.

This complex formula also includes acacia gum and hydrolyzed polysaccharide and hyaluronic acid, the perfect cocktail to give an instant smoothing and tensing effect of the fines lines & wrinkles within 15 minutes. The results will even be more visible after 1 hour.

USE: Apply a small quantity of serum and lightly tap from the inner to the exterior corner of the eyes.

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