Anti-aging hyaluronic serum

CA$67.00 + tx


CA$67.00 + tx
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Format: 50 ml
Key ingredients: Extract of Enteromorpha compressa (ulva compressa), dehydroacetic acid, Caesalpinia spinosa (Tara carob gum).
Skin type: Mature, Normal

An exclusive formula that helps fight skin aging signs while stimulating collagen and hydrating the skin adequately.

This exceptional serum ensures a good hydration and a better firmness thanks to the collagen synthesis. The main active is a complex of two natural ingredients: an Andean Tree and a Marine Seaweed, developed through an innovative technological process, designed to prevent and reduce skin wrinkles. This complex has a prolonged –delivery technology, thus it sequentially releases the active marine.

USE: Apply in the morning a small amount of serum, with gentle massages on a clean skin. Rinse thoroughly, with water in case of direct contact with the eyes.

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