One of the many advantages of having a training at the Academy Edith Serei: the internship. 

Because practice is just as important as theoretical training, we integrate into many of our training periods of internship in renowned beauty centres/institutes to learn and put into practice the different professions of beauty. Here’s why internships are important in some of our trainings.

  • Application of knowledge learned.
  • Work in action with a steady pace.
  • Learn about corporate operations.
  • Team work and group integration.
  • Discover the services and care in which you prefer to improve.
  • Know a variety of devices.
  • Additional experience for your CV.
  • Facilitates your job search process afterwards.

To allow our students to find internships in beauty institutes and offer them a professional setting, we accompany them throughout the training to find the best possible internships. We do not hesitate to provide our good students with letters of recommendation to help them find the right internship for them.


Attend company presentations in order to be able to

choose your internship correctly, you will be able to use the tools you have in your course.


Benefit from our reputation and many requests from companies looking for qualified staff.


With more than 60 years of expertise, our Academy of Aesthetics is one of the most recognized in Quebec: therefore, we receive many requests from renowned beauty institutes, beauty salons and spa looking for staff. It is an ideal way to find an internship quickly and even a job, according to his interests. 

Internships are invaluable and complement the training at the Edith Serei Academy. It is a great pride for all the teachers of the Academy to be able to allow students to carry out quality internships, in which they learn immensely and can put into practice all their learning.

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