10 Reasons to Choose the Académie Edith Serei.

The Académie Edith Serei is the reference in esthetics. It is a place that welcomes passionate people in the field of esthetics and beauty to give them all the keys to professional success since 1958. Here are the 10 top reasons why you must choose your training in  esthetics with Edith Serei.

1. Easy to pay in installments without interest.

2. Pedagogical support for all online courses with an interactive platform designed & developed for the Academie Edith Serei.

3. Possibility of taking bilingual courses in three locations: Montreal, Laval and Quebec. Day or evening, full time or part time.

4. Supervised practice, the key to success from our well-established clientele for our affordable student care and treatments.

5. The expertise of the teachers who have many years of experience in the industry.

6. Discounts on exclusive Edith Serei products and on the next training sessions at the Académie.

7. Support in internships in esthetics centers and with our evergrowing partners. 

8. A renowned reputation for over 60 years.

9. The Edith Serei Scholarship is awarded to students who distinguish themselves by their rigor, teamwork, professionalism & passion in selected diplomas.

10. Private institution recognized by the Federal and Provincial governments, tax receipts for school fees.

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