Edith Serei, an inspiring career woman !

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Mar 6, 2023

On this International Women's Day, we cannot ignore the admiration and respect we have for Edith Serei :

a pioneer in the field of aesthetics and female entrepreneurship !


Her story inspires us every day to continue to share her passion for beauty, well-being and education. We wanted to introduce you to her and what led to the exceptional career and the extraordinary life she has known. 


Edith Serei leaves behind a rich legacy of knowledge, professionalism and determination!

Edith Serei, born Edith Gatfalvi in 1924 in Hungary, is a beautician, businesswoman and host of Canadian radio and television.


Ms Serei was introduced to aesthetics in Paris. After taking several specialized courses, including those of Dr Peytoureau, father of modern aesthetics and Fernand Aubry, creator of Visagisme®, she successfully practised at her institute in Paris and opened her laboratory. In 1958, Edith Serei transferred her activities from Paris to Montreal and inaugurated her first Beauty Institute. The profession of beautician was practically non-existent at that time. 

To address this, Edith Serei opened the first School of Aesthetics of the American continent after training the first Canadian beauticians in her institute.


She developed the first complete aesthetic training available in America and innovated the art of makeup by disseminating with Mr. Fernand Aubry, a new method based on psycho-morphology, Visagisme®.


Subsequently, Edith Serei updated this new method under the name PSYCHOFIGURISM®, which is still taught at the Academy.


In 1961, Serei established a second school in Quebec City and another in Toronto in 1966. Finally in 1992, an Edith Serei school was inaugurated in Budapest. Since its opening, the Edith Serei International Academy has trained 25,000 professionals who have joined the world of work or opened their own companies. 


In 1962, Edith Serei formed the Canadian Aesthetic Committee affiliated with Cidesco International, marking the official birth of the profession. In 1963, she organized the 1st Canadian Congress of Aesthetics, followed by many others.


Edith Serei has represented Canada on many occasions. She has been a speaker, as well as chair of assemblies and jury. She has organised advanced courses in several European capitals, including Paris, London, Vienna, Israel and Hong Kong.


In 1961, she began democratization beauty through its first television programs on French and English channels.


She was brought to television because of her professional reputation. It is because she is one of the world’s highest authorities in the field of beauty that the public knows her.


Edith Serei considers that:

“Every woman has the right, but also the duty to develop her own beauty potential”.

For nearly twenty years, she has made her philosophy clear through her television broadcasts around the world.


She has published 5 books

"Femme qui êtes-vous ?"

"Soignez votre personnalité Messieurs"

"Leçon de Beauté"

"Edith Serei’s World of Beauty" 

"Au-delà des apparences"


Edith Serei was selected to create the Beauty Institute at Expo 1967. Tens of thousands of visitors appreciated it, including the hostesses of the pavilions who regularly came to get treatment and makeup.


Edith Serei was a member of the jury to elect “Miss Canada” to the Toronto beauty pageant for three consecutive years. She was also a member of the Cercle des Femmes Journalistes for 25 years and has written many articles. Edith Serei has opened new horizons to beauty. Her visits to hospitals, the elderly and the handicapped, as well as her work in cooperation with psychiatric services, have won her considerable praise. She has also taught courses for the hearing impaired and the visually impaired. 


In tribute to all her activities in the field of education, fashion and beauty, Edith Serei was named a Knight of the Order of Merit and received the medal of the City of Paris in 1974.


The teaching of the Academy has expanded by gradually including electrolysis programs, body care and in 1994, massage therapy. Her school attracts students from across North America as well as overseas. With an Edith Serei degree, these graduates pursue careers in all areas of beauty and body approaches.


In 1992, as part of the events organized by the Quebec Ministry of Cultural Affairs for the 350th anniversary of Montreal, Ms. Serei’s photo, with a description of her contribution, appeared in the exhibition of : 


“The women who built Montreal”.

She continued her mission by participating in numerous cultural and professional events as a guest of honour and speaker. She met every student at the Academy.


On a personal level, Ms. Serei married Mr. George Serei. 3 children were born of this union and several grandchildren made this great lady happy.


She passed away on October 24, 2005.


The team at L'Académie Edith Serei is proud to pass on the values and knowledge Ms Serei has bequeathed for 65 years now! Builder, visionary, persevering, passionate and strong...these are words that define her and inspire our team and our students on a daily basis. 

Thank you for everything !

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