6 Benefits of Choosing an Online Makeup Course

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Jun 7, 2022

What Is an Online Makeup Course?

You may not have known it, but it is possible to complete a makeup course online. Taking your makeup course online has many advantages such as flexibility, accessing the platform at any time, advancing at your own pace, etc. 


If you want a top quality makeup course that you can take from the comfort of your own home, look no further. Our online courses at Edith Serei Academy are optimized for at-home learning with demo videos, platform access, and online instructional support. 


To help you clarify your decision to complete a distance learning makeup course, in the following lines we have identified for you the 6 key advantages of choosing an online course. This will help you understand why this type of training might be a better fit for your needs and expectations as a future professional makeup artist.

1. Learn at Your Own Pace

In 2021, online learning is a common reality. Many institutions have had to adapt and introduce online and blended learning. These changes have brought their share of challenges, but also benefits that should not be overlooked, such as allowing students to learn at their own pace. In addition to allowing flexibility in managing students’ schedules, they benefit from learning that is personalized to their needs. 


If you wish to complete your makeup course online, it is important to consider the advantages that this can bring such as being able to organize yourself freely, for example if you have a work schedule and are pursuing your studies you will be able to progress at your own pace. In addition, taking an online makeup course allows you to pursue a course that interests you without having to travel to another city.

2. Access to the Online Platform and Demo Videos at All Times

When you take online makeup classes, it’s nice to be able to access them from anywhere. But the real advantage is that you can access them at any time. Let’s say you’re watching a theoretical segment on psychofigurism by Edith Serei and you didn’t quite catch a technique, you can listen to it again at any time as often as you like.

3. Reproduce Makeup Techniques in the Comfort of Your Home

Taking an online makeup course also allows you to practice the techniques on yourself or family members as often as you like. You will also be able to perfect your makeup techniques or work further on some of them. 


When you continue your online makeup course at Edith Serei Academy, you will also get a makeup kit from Edith Serei. Getting the best products to start your career as a MUA is a big plus. Moreover, having access to your makeup at all times will allow you to practice artistic or professional makeup wherever and whenever you want.

4. More In-Class Practice

In order to be a good makeup artist and get your makeup diploma, it obviously requires practice. At Edith Serei Academy, since the entire theoretical phase is online, once you join the face-to-face classes you will have more practice time than students did in the previous course.


That is to say, when the courses were given in person only, the sessions were divided between the theoretical and practical segments. Now, when you join the classes, you will have a reminder of the theory in class and all the remaining time will be reserved for the practice of the make-up techniques.

5. Private Meeting With Teachers by Zoom

Choosing to pursue your makeup artist course online is also about having better accessibility to your resources. We’ve already discussed the fact that you’ll have access to the materials on our platform at all times. But with online courses, you will also have easier access to the teachers. It will be easier for you to schedule private meetings with them to review techniques and ask questions.

6. Edith Serei Makeup Kit

We are proud to offer students a makeup kit by Edith Serei. It is very advantageous to get a high-quality makeup kit right from the start of your online course. Starting in June, you will have the chance to use our products to practice your makeup techniques. All MUA online course students will receive a personalized kit as it will contain products offered in several shades for various skin tones.

Edith Serei Academy’s Online Makeup Certificate

What is included in my online makeup course?

  • Online theory course with videos and exercises


  • In-person practical course


  • Make-up kit by Edith Serei


  • Pedagogical support throughout the course


  • Access to the platform and its material at all times

How much does online makeup training cost?

At the Edith Serei Academy, the online makeup courses cost a total of $2995, which includes the theoretical portion of the course, the practical portion in person, and the Edith Serei makeup kit worth 450$ + taxes. 

How long does the course last?

Our online makeup course has 2 phases. First, you will complete the theoretical segment supported by video demonstrations at your own pace and second, you will begin the practical segment spread over 10 weeks in class. 

What topics will be covered?

In the Edith Serei Academy’s online make-up certificate, the following themes will be covered: 

  • Skin analysis


  • Colour theory


  • Makeup for mature skin and skin of various colours


  • Face and eyebrow correction


  • Day, 5–7, evening, gala and bridal makeup

The Advantages You Benefit From When Studying at Edith Serei Academy

At the Édith Serei Academy, it is years of know-how, more than 25,000 graduates, it is a pledge of quality, it is a notoriety of more than 60 years, it is a range of products and pure happiness for our customers. Our goal is to transmit our knowledge to the beauticians of tomorrow! 


Moreover, all our courses are taught simultaneously in French and English and the face-to-face courses are offered in Montreal and Laval during the day and evening, which also offers flexibility depending on where you live or work. 


When you continue your studies at Edith Serei Academy, you will also be able to combine your studies with other courses that are offered at Edith Serei Academy such as Make-up II, Make-up III, special effects, eyelash extensions, etc. 


Learn more about our online makeup course and its schedule.

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