Men's Skincare Duo

CA$30.95 + tx


CA$30.95 + tx
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Format: Various sizes
Key ingredients: CLEANSING GEL : Coconut acid, camphor and mint. // BIG AL'S: Azulene, beeswax, squalane.
Skin type: All skin types
The perfect basic product duo to cleanse & protect.

THE CLEANSING GEL: The Edith Serei Cleansing provides a deep cleansing action and removes impurities simply and efficiently. Our Cleansing Gel can also be used as a fortifying shampoo. Its delicate lather removes impurities and leaves skin soft and ready for the next step in your facial routine, the moisturizing cream BIG AL’S.

BIG AL'S HYDRATING CREAM: Suitable for all skin types and by far, the best afters have cream. A true innovative moisturizing cream. Its formula was specially developed to soothe, protect and moisturize the face & neck of active men and the “bikers” who are visibly affected by the climate and the sun. It can also be used to pamper sensitive and irritated skin after shaving.

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