Honey Massage Gel

CA$32.00 + tx


CA$32.00 + tx
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Format: 180gr. / 6.3 OZ
Key ingredients: Arnica extract, Edelweiss extract, pearl powder, sucrose, sunflower oil, vitamin E.
Skin type: Acneic, Dehydrated, Oily, Mature, Mixed, Normal, Dry, Sensitive, All skin types

This  exquisite lightly fragranced gel has an amazing flexible textured formula. This versatile gel works as well on the face or body.

This Edith Serei exclusive massage gel has been developed with natural ingredients such as arnica, edelweiss, sugar, sunflower oil and vitamin E. Once applied on the skin, it transforms in a milky emulsion making the massage much easier to handle.

USE: PROFESSIONAL & PERSONAL. Specifically developped formula for a long-lasting massage , it provides a silky texture easy to manipulate when water is applied. When the  lorsque pulvérisée d’eau. When the massage is finished, the skin is easy to rinse, hydrated but not greasy.

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