Everybody talks about Edith Serei !

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Jan 11, 2023

Everybody talks about Edith Serei !

Indeed, 2022 was marked by the frequent appearance of Edith Serei in many print and web medias. 


A discovery for some or a confirmed appreciation for others, there is no doubt that our products and services arouse enthusiasm! 


Whether it’s our many incredibly effective masks, our moisturizers adapted to different needs, our recognized trainings, our student care... all the reasons have been good to talk about us! And it goes on!


What a pride!

It is with a great deal of gratitude that we thank the various journalists, medias and platforms who constantly contribute to making Edith Serei shine, but also the entire field of aesthetics.


We bet that 2023 will be just as successful. 


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@Chatelaine Magazine, @MagazineCool!, @BelÂge, @CoupdePouce, @MétroMédia, @LaSemaine, @TPLmoms, @7jours, @cosmeticsmag, @nightlife.ca, @tvhebdo

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