Calming Cream

CA$30.00 + tx


CA$30.00 + tx
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Format: 50 ml
Key ingredients: Azulene, beewax, squalane.
Skin type: Sensitive, All skin types

Repairing care after medical and cosmetic treatments such as microdermabrasion, photo rejuvenation, photoepilation and chemical peels.

Protects against environmental aggressions.

Reduces irritation, redness and itching caused by solar radiation or eczema.

Relieves nipples effectively and naturally during the breastfeeding period.

A little magical moisturizing potion to reduce erythema and redness. Édith Serei's soothing cream moisturizes and protects against the cold and the sun.  An ideal repairing treatment after medical and aesthetic treatments.

USE: Every day as a day cream and/or after medical-esthetic treatment.

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