They're talking about us... Lyne Ste-Marie / La Tornade Rousse

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Jan 17, 2023

They're talking about us...

Les 7 meilleurs masques visage

By Lyne Ste-Marie / La Tornade Rousse


A beauty mask is like an oasis in turmoil!  A time out… I choose my moment.  I read Edith Serei and feel confident.  A name linked to aesthetic care for over 60 years in Quebec.


This mask is made of lyocell, a thin and supple fiber that adheres perfectly to the face to effectively transmit the active ingredients to the skin.  It is generously soaked with active marine collagen serum.  It holds in place and does not drip.  I applied the product on my fingers at the neck at the time of application.  Its scent is delicate and the 20 minutes pass quickly.  When removing the mask, it is advisable to penetrate the product by making small circular movements on the skin.  It feels great !   


A real glow for the complexion; my skin is nourished, moisturized, plump. It's suitable for all skin types and is 100% biodegradable.  


$20 available online Edith Serei.


Read the article: Les 7 meilleurs masques visage

*traduit du Français par Edith Serei*


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