Manicure and pedicure

Académie Edith Serei's manicure and pedicure training: your passport to success!

Are you passionate about aesthetics and want to add a string to your bow to better serve your customers, find a job in a beauty salon or set up your own business? At the Académie Edith Serei, we offer several courses recognized in the world of aesthetics in Quebec. In this blog, we present to you the advantages of registering for our specialized courses in manicure and specific foot care - offered individually or in a combo. Enjoy reading!

1. Manicure certificate
At the end of this 63-hour course, you will learn the basic techniques to make your clients' hands and feet soft as silk and look younger. In addition, you will master the art of filing and decorating nails in style, especially with gel varnish.

2. Certificate in specific foot care
You have obtained your certificate in basic foot care and would like to improve your knowledge? The 7-hour course in specific foot care is for you! At the end of this training, which includes a theoretical and a practical part, you will learn more about the use of metal instruments and the Dremel, this rotary tool with many features.

The Académie Edith Serei, a name synonymous with excellence
Among the beauty training centres in Quebec, one stands out: ours! Obtaining a diploma, certificate or attestation from the Académie Edith Serei gives you an undeniable advantage when looking for a job in the beauty industry.

To boost your career, expand your resume with our bilingual courses taught by professionals!

Are you looking for a beauty school in Laval or Montréal to take a make-up, hand care, foot care, hair removal, eyelash extension, etc. course? At the Académie Edith Serei, our 2 campuses offer a wide range of training that will lead you to recognition of workers in the industry... and a better job! Offered day or evening, our courses can be paid in one or more installments. Contact us today to learn more about registration procedures and schedules. We look forward to teaching you and contributing to your success!

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