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5 reasons to use permanent make-up (dermopigmentation)

At the Académie Edith Serei, we offer training in aesthetics and various beauty treatments, including dermopigmentation. To learn more about permanent make-up, read this blog article that outlines 5 good reasons to use this technique.

1. To redefine your lips and make them look fuller
With permanent make-up, you can say goodbye to contour pencils and even lipstick (hello, savings!). As a bonus, if your lips are very thin, permanent make-up can create the illusion of a fuller mouth – a real youth cure for a pout!

2. To correct the effects of excessive eyebrow hair removal
You have used your eyebrow clip in the past and many of your eyebrow hairs are no longer growing? Permanent make-up will correct the situation and you can do without your pencil for good!

3. To highlight your look to perfection
A permanent "pencil" line drawn on the edge of the lower or upper lashes by a professional technician will give depth and radiance to your eyes for several years. The most beautiful thing about all this? This type of make-up will never start to run! If you often swim or if you have tears in your eyes, this argument should convince you to take the plunge.

4. To densify and thicken your eyebrows
The fashion for ultra-fine eyebrows is well and truly over. In this day and age, having full eyebrows is an undeniable aesthetic asset. To give them thickness, colour and, if necessary, length, focus on dermopigmentation and enhance your natural beauty!

5. To overcome a problem with fine motor skills
Drawing a lip liner or eyeliner line when you have a health problem that affects your manual dexterity (arthritis, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, etc.) is a laborious task. With permanent make-up, no more worries. Thanks to it, you will be able to devote more time to what matters most: your health!

Is permanent make-up for you?

If you are interested in receiving a permanent make-up treatment (pigment correction, eye line, mouth contour and filling, eyebrows, etc.), make an appointment for a consultation at the Académie Edith Serei in Laval. Call us today!

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