The « Essentials » range: the daily program in four steps for a healthy skin!

1 – Cleansing emulsion
Cleans the skin deeply to remove make-up and impurities that lodge in the pores of the face

2 – Refreshing toner
Tones and tightens pores while removing residual impurities

3 – Protective emulsion
Protects by lessening the effects of the rigors of the environment, giving a feeling of softness and a smooth appearance

4 – Rejuvenating night cream
Intensive moisturizer that acts during sleep
The night cream is essential to accelerate tissue repair and promote cell renewal

Cleansing Emulsion Edith Serei

Regular price: $29.99
The Edith Serei Cleansing Emulsion deeply cleanses the skin and efficiently removes all traces of eye and face makeup.
Recommended for all skin types

Edith Serei Refreshing Toner

Regular price: $29.99
The Edith Serei freshening toner is the perfect complement to the cleanser. It leaves skin clean soft and fresh and removes any residual makeup.
Apply the toner am/pm after cleansing skin.

Edith Serei Daily Protective Emulsion

Regular price: $29.99
This emulsion has a gentle and light texture designed to nourish your skin. It functions as a protective shield against environmental aggressions and gives your skin soothing comfort while smoothing wrinkles and providing radiance.

Cleanse skin and apply the emulsion to face and neck, after your favorite serum or alone morning and afternoon.

Edith Serei ESSENTIELS Package

Regular price: $98.99
1 – Cleansing Emulsion
2 – Refreshing Toner
3 – Protective Emulsion
4 – Rejuvenating Night Cream

Edith Serei Cleansing Gel

Regular price: $26.00
The Edith Serei Cleansing Gel provides a deep cleansing action and removes impurities, as well as all traces face makeup efficiently.

Apply the cleanser on a cotton pad and apply to the skin. Without using water, massage the gel lightly with finger tips.
Rinse skin with cool water and follow with the application of Edith Serei’s Refreshing Toner and your favorite cream.
This Cleansing gel is the perfect product to use prior to microdermabrasion, photo rejuvenation and other medical esthetic treatments.

This 2 in 1 product can also be used as a fortifying Shampoo.
Apply the Cleansing Gel on hair, lather, rinse and repeat if necessary.

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