This product line has been specially designed for specific skin problems

Edith Serei Gentle Exfoliant

Regular price: $19.99
The Gentle Exfoliant is an extremely rich plant-based scrub containing cranberry powder.
Specially formulated in order to nourish the skin, this scrub is ideal for an anti-ageing Spa treatment.
The exfoliation is gentle thanks to fine sea salt & the spherical cranberry seeds.
The skin is thus protected against skin ageing & perfectly moisturized

Edith Serei Aquaderm Moisturizing Serum Mask

Regular price: $19.99
Our innovative Lyocell mask easily adheres to the skin and allows the skin to fully absorb the active ingredients, such as, aquaderme and aloe vera.
These ingredients assist in the process of hydration and restoration of the natural elasticity of the skin.
This mask is made for nourishing all the skin types and it is 100% effective for hydrating, restoring the elasticity and softening the skin texture to prevent the premature aging in dry skin.

Edith Serei Hyaluronic Eye Contour Serum

Regular price: $66.99
Our eye contour hyaluronic serum is perfectly adapted to all skin types. It was formulated with moisturizing, tensing, de-puffing and nourishing ingredients based on biotechnologies combined with 23k gold.
This serum will give brightness to your skin.
The hyaluronic Acid is a natural component of the skin, which decreases with age.
This formula composed from acacia gum and hydrolyzed polysaccharide has a flash tensing effect.
It will smooth the skin and mask the wrinkles after 15 minutes and the results will even be more visible after 1 hour.

Edith Serei Instant Herbal Mask

Regular price: $66.99
The Instant Herbal Mask refreshes and stimulates the skin cells.
This instant mask contains plant oils which instantaneously dissolve in water to form a creamy emulsion.
The green particles in the texture and the characteristic scent of this product reflect the worth of the use of aromatic plants.
Ideal as a Spa or as a skincare treatment at home, this mask has antibacterial and rebalancing properties and it is particularly suitable for young, oily and sensitive skin.
Parsley has anti-inflammatory properties and acts as a skin smoother.
Rich in vitamin C, pro vitamin V and chlorophyll, it increases circulation and helps to purify the skin.
Watercress reduces skin irritations and has great detoxifying properties.
Dill is an antibacterial agent and promotes skin elasticity.
Basil invigorates and rebalances the skin.

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