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Ouverture de l’Académie de Laval, dans le quartier enchanteur du vieux Sainte-Rose.

EDITH SEREI, over 60 years of aesthetic


Arrival of Mrs. Edith Serei and her husband M. Georges Serei in Canada. Opening of her first Edith Serei beauty institute.


Edith Serei created the 1st Esthetic and Cosmetology Canadian Committee. She also organised the very first Canadian Esthetic Trade Show.


A snapshot of a typical student class at the Edith Serei Academy in the 60’s.


Edith Serei was nominated to be the in charge of the Beauty Pavillion at the Expo 67 Event.


Edith Serei proudly pose surrounded by the future beauticians.


Edith Serei has been chosen to be a judge for the prestigious Miss Canada 1972. She was selected  for 3 years in a row. Edith Serei will aslo be a  mentor and judge for the Miss Teen event.


Edith Serei received the honorable title of knight of the National Order of Merit of the Government of France. A highly sought after symbolic honor.


Mliss Claudia, daughter of Edith Serei joined the administrative rank of teacher at the Academy. She will become director after, following her mother’s footsteps.


Aside the many business trips as a lecturer in Japan, United-States and in France, Edith Serei hosted the popular french canadian TV show called  “La beauté selon Édith Serei”.


Publishing her 4th book “Au-delà des apparences : 25 ans au service de la beauté” Editions Presses libres.


The Edith Serei Academy is located in the heart of downtown Montreal triggering a strong interest amongst international students. 


Unveiling of the Edith Serei street in Montréal during the 350th anniversary ceremony where Mrs. Serei was selected “one of the few women building Montreal”. 


October 25th, 2005, the passing of Mrs Edith Serei, the north american pionner for the esthetic industry.


Mr. Alain Gauvin, grandson of Edith Serei takes over the enterprise and becomes the general director.


According to SchoolFinder, the go-to destination for canadian students to find a great education at every level, the Edith Serei Academy is the largest and the most recognized in esthetics.


Grand opening of the Laval Academy in the lovely neighbourhood of Sainte-Rose.


Montreal Academy inaugural right in the heart of the city’s major cultural district “Quartier des Spectacles”.


The Edith Serei Academy was celebrating its 55th anniversxary in 2013.


Edith Serei authentic signature becomes the new iconic logo and appears everywhere form product packaging to signage as well as training material.


Edith Serei Calming Cream awarded the Innovation prize 2019 by the Nouvelles Esthétiques Canada.


Today, the Edith Serei Academy represents more than 25,000 diplomas, it’s a high quality seal, it’s gained notoriety with over 60 years of experience in esthetic and, it’s also an exclusive product line devoted to please all customers!


Our Academie and Beauty Institute of Montreal now have new premises more accessible to all right in the center of Petite Patrie-Rosemont located at 6530 ave Papineau, corner of Beaubien.


Starting the year the strong way with many reviews in a varity of printed or web publications.