Unravelling aesthetic electrolysis and photoepilation

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Jun 7, 2022

In the world of aesthetics, there is a confusion between the different hair removal techniques. Several permanent hair removal techniques exist, but we know very little about how they work or what differentiates them. For that reason, we are going to demystify how electrolysis and photoepilation work in order to inform you about the different functions that these methods have.

What Is aesthetic Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is a hair removal method that removes hair permanently. Being the oldest way of permanently removing hair, electrolysis is a technique that has proven itself in the world of aesthetics and is recognized for its great effectiveness and safety.


Electrolysis is a method that consists of introducing a very fine filament into the hair follicle. An electrical pulse is then activated to eliminate the bulb and thus break down the hair root. With electrolysis, the hairs are treated one at a time and may require several treatments over several years. Depending on the treatment area and the amount of hair, the electrolysis hair removal process can be completed on a medium to long term.

The Advantages of Electrolysis

The electrolysis technique has several advantages. We have identified several of these advantages to help you understand how this method is adapted to many needs.

  • Removes blond, white or red hair
  • Works on all skin types and colours
  • Little redness after electrolysis treatment and if it does, it will disappear after a few days
  • Very precise technique 
  • Allows to treat eyebrows, nose and very small areas 
  • Very safe

Unfolding of an Electrolysis Treatment

At your first appointment, the electrolysis treatment period will last a maximum of 15 minutes since the esthetician will necessarily want to see how the skin reacts to the electrolysis hair removal method. Thereafter, your esthetician will suggest in which way you should proceed the treatments, either with long sessions or shorter frequent sessions.  


Since this method treats one hair at a time and each hair may require several treatments, electrolysis is known as a technique that can take several years to complete. Therefore, in order to complete the hair removal process it is highly recommended to use the electrolysis technique after the photoepilation treatment, whether it is IPL or laser treatment, or to use it for smaller areas such as the eyebrows.

 Electrolysis vs. photoepilation

To help you differentiate between the different hair removal techniques, we will also discuss photo-epilation. Electrolysis can be a time consuming and expensive method since it removes one hair at a time, while photoepilation is known to be fast. 


The photoepilation method is very popular because of its quick results and effectiveness. This technique removes one hair diameter at a time and uses the light pulse to penetrate under the skin so that the bulb bursts. 


Photoepilation targets the dark spots, so if you have light-coloured hair, it will necessarily be more difficult for the laser to stop on them. Ideally, there needs to be a contrast between the hair and the skin, so the laser immediately captures the bulbs. 


Some of the advantages of photo-epilation treatment include:

  • Fast treatment;
  • Can cover large areas in a short time;
  • Removes ingrown hairs;
  • Allows us to shave between sessions

On the other hand, this method has some disadvantages that may require an electrolysis treatment to complete the permanent hair removal. Some of the disadvantages photo-epilation treatment include:

  • Lack of precision;
  • Costly in the short term;
  • Does not treat red, blond and white hair well;
  • There may be a presence of fine, pale hair on the area at the end of the treatment.

Electrolysis to complete the photoepilation treatment

In reality, electrolysis and photoepilation treatment are a perfect combo. One cannot go without the other. The ideal is to start your permanent hair removal process with the photoepilation treatment and then complete it with electrolysis if there are still some fine and unwanted hairs.

Complete a Training Course at The Académie Édith Serei

At the Académie Édith Serei, we are proud to offer a certificate in electrolysis as well as a diploma in photoepilation. Photo-epilation training is a complementary technique to electrolysis that will allow you to expand your field of expertise. Both methods of permanent hair removal are safe and always in demand. In your courses at Académie Édith Serei you will learn more about the hygiene and safety of hair removal techniques, the theory of electricity and equipment, the structure of the hair follicle and skin and much more. 


Académie Edith Serei is your facility of choice to complete your training in electrolysis and photoepilation, which includes laser and IPL training. Today, Edith Serei Academy has over 25,000 graduates. By choosing the Academy, which has a reputation of over 60 years, you are assured of quality and will have access to the best teachers in the field.

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