How to Choose the Right Beauty School

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Jun 8, 2022

With the start of the school year just around the corner, now is the perfect time to enroll in an esthetics course. If you’ve been wanting to study esthetics for a while, or if you want to explore the field of esthetics and the different courses offered, you’ll certainly find something to suit your needs at Edith Serei Academy.


If you are about to enroll in an esthetics course or if you have several questions and are looking for the best esthetics school to meet your expectations, we are here to help you. 


In the following lines, we will answer your questions and list the 6 main elements to consider in order to choose the right beauty school for you.

1. The Course Offering

When choosing your beauty school, it’s important to consider their course offerings. Schools that have a wider variety of courses offer the opportunity to specialize once you have completed your esthetics training. 


You can choose from a variety of courses and build a curriculum that suits you. Furthermore, when you finish your esthetics training, you can always choose to continue your studies and explore other courses that might interest you more. 


At Edith Serei Academy, you can choose to complete a certificate, attestation or diploma in a variety of esthetics courses. We offer courses ranging from one day to several weeks in length. In addition, depending on the course you choose, it can be offered entirely online, in hybrid mode or in person.



Make-up II, III and permanent




Skin care




Make-up I


Classic and volume eyelash extensions

Eyelash enhancement


Injections theory




Chemical peeling

Foot care


Artificial nails

Hygiene and safety


The courses will allow you to focus on what you love most and customize your path at Edith Serei Academy. If you wish to become an esthetician, you will need to complete the Esthetics Diploma. You may also choose to complete another certification or attestation and work in a beauty salon.


A wide range of certificates, attestations and diplomas are offered at Edith Serei Academy such as skin care, eyelash extensions, manicure and pedicure, esthetics, photoepilation, make-up and much more. Check out our online training and our diploma to become an esthetician

2. Practice Hours

Another important thing to consider is the amount of practice time the school allows. The more hours of practice you have, the better. So, when you are looking for a beauty school to pursue your training, consider the number of theoretical and practical hours that the school will offer. 


The more opportunities you have to practice what you’ve learned and develop your skills, the more comfortable you’ll be as you begin your career as an esthetician or a technician. The best way to perfect your skills is to practice more on different types of skin and clients

3. Up to Date With Current Trends

An important aspect to consider is the material that will be taught in your training. For example, if you choose a school that addresses new trends in the market, it will give you a competitive edge. 


Taking a course that is continually revised and adapted to new techniques and trends in esthetics will allow you to offer better care and results to your clients.

4. The Location of the School

Even if the majority of the theory of a course is given in virtual or hybrid mode, the practical portion remains in person. Therefore, the location of your beauty school is an important element to consider since you will have to travel to classes.


Choosing a school that is easily accessible by car, bus, metro or train is an important criteria to consider when choosing a beauty school.

5. The Available Equipment

As an esthetics student, you will obviously need to practice and you will do so more with the equipment available at your school. Therefore, choosing a school that has a lot of quality equipment is an advantage in itself. 


If your school has quality equipment as well as safe products approved by Health Canada, it will facilitate your work and ensure a better service for your clients.  At Edith Serei Academy, we have all the equipment approved by Health Canada to ensure the best training and learning. 

6. The School’s Know-how

Before you decide on a school and training program, you need to evaluate several aspects of it. You should consider the experience and specialization of the institute and its teachers. A school that has a good knowledge of the field and years of experience is definitely a good choice of school. In addition, a school where you will get support and guidance throughout your training will be beneficial for your academic career.

Why Choose Edith Serei Academy?

At Edith Serei Academy, it is years of know-how, more than 25,000 graduates, it is a pledge of quality, it is a notoriety of more than 60 years, it is a range of products and pure happiness for our customers. Our goal is to pass on our knowledge to the beauticians of tomorrow! 


At Edith Serei Academy, you get more practice with the online esthetics course. Online theory courses allow students to maximize the amount of time spent on practice during face-to-face classes. Learn more about our online esthetics courses and their schedule.

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