Pursue Your Studies: Online Esthetics Training!

Did You Know That You Can Pursue Your Esthetics Courses Online?

Have you ever thought about pursuing your esthetics training online? Now it’s possible! Thanks to the Edith Serei Academy for offering online esthetics courses! 

We are proud to offer several online courses. You can now obtain an attestation or a certificate at your own pace. Whether you are looking for a career change, a refresher course, everything is now possible!

What Does an Online Esthetics Training Consist Of?

Online courses will provide you with the essential knowledge based on the esthetics training you select. You will be able to develop the required skills and abilities to effectively use the equipment and specialized products. Online courses are divided into 2 components.  First there is a theoretical portion to be completed at your own pace. This portion will be followed by a practical portion in class. In addition, throughout your entire training, you will benefit from the educational support of our team of trainers.

Theoretical Component

The theoretical component is offered entirely remotely. You will have access to our new platform which contains the material, interactive exercises as well as demonstrative and explanatory videos. 

Practical Component

The practical component lasts for 10 weeks. You will put into practice the knowledge acquired during the online theoretical component. In the first 5 weeks, you will practice the techniques on your colleagues. In the 5th week, you will have the chance to practice on clients. This will allow you to see different skin types and solidify your learning.

Why Choose Online Esthetics Courses?

Online esthetics courses are an interesting option for several reasons, here are some of the advantages of choosing an online training:

Flexibility : Online beauty courses offer a lot of flexibility. You can take your classes at any time of the day and at any location desired.

Continue your training during the pandemic: Since the beginning of the pandemic, as an esthetics school, we had no other option than to adapt. With the implementation of our online esthetics courses, our students can continue their studies.

Advance at your own pace: For the entire theoretical portion, you can watch the videos and do the online exercises at your own pace, without following a group.

Work while taking an esthetics course: Are you changing careers? No problem, our online courses are ideal for you. They will allow you to advance your studies while continuing your current job.

What Online Courses Are Offered at Edith Serei Academy?

At Edith Serei Academy, we are proud to offer a variety of online esthetics training. During your online courses, you will discover the most up-to-date knowledge and techniques available. To help you make your choice of training, here are the online courses offered by Edith Serei Academy and what they consist of:

Edith Serei's Online Courses

Skincare Certificate: 

You will learn about skin analysis, cosmetology, cells and tissues, make-up removal products, Ms. Serei’s facial massage techniques, different waxing techniques and more. Consult our page about the online skincare program.


Makeup I Certificate:

You will learn skin analysis and color theory, face and eyebrow correction, day, evening and gala makeup, as well as Édith Serei’s psychofigurism, an exclusive course on the art of facial morphology. Discover our online makeup course. 


Lashlift Certificate:

An exclusive technique with exceptional results. The 360 lashlift course provides an alternative to eyelash extensions. Consult our lashlift certificate.


Manicure and Pedicure Certificate:

You will learn basic and spa manicure and pedicure, hand and foot anatomy and how to use gel polish. View the manicure and pedicure program.


Cosmetology Certificate:

A training to understand cosmetic products. You will learn the composition of cosmetic products, the active ingredients, the basis of the products and the skin reactions. Consult our page about the cosmetology certificate.


Eyelash Extensions Certificate:

You will be able to explore eye anatomy, suitable products, the difference between types of extensions, eye morphology and more. Check out our pages on different training courses such as the classic eyelash extensions certificate and the volume eyelash extensions certificate.


Hygiene and Security Attestation: 

This consists of an essential element for your institute. Learn how to integrate good hygiene habits and sanitary methods to keep your working area safe for you and your clients. This hygiene and security certificate is an asset for your services and your institute.

Why Select The Edith Serei Academy?

Edith Serei Academy is known for its years of expertise and knowledge, more than 25,000 graduates, its notoriety of more than 60 years, it is a range of products and pure happiness for our customers. Our goal is to pass on our knowledge to the estheticians and beauticians of tomorrow! 

At Edith Serei, you get more on hands practice time with our online esthetics course. Online theoretical courses allow students to maximize the amount of time spent on practice during face-to-face classes. Find out more about our online esthetics courses and take a look at their schedule.



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