Why Choose the Edith Serei Academy for Your Aesthetics Training?


Choosing the Edith Serei Academy is a guarantee of quality!

The Edith Serei Academy is a reference school of aesthetics. It is a place that has always welcomed those who are passionate in the field of aesthetics to give them all the keys to professional success. Are you looking for the best training in aesthetics? In this article, discover 5 reasons to sign up for classes at the Academy for your aesthetics training!

Reason #1: A Renown and Reputed Aesthetics School

The Edith Serei Academy has been an aesthetic establishment for over 60 years! Founded by Edith Serei in 1958, the Academy had developed successfully and is today the benchmark in the formation of aesthetics in Quebec! The Academy has distinguished itself through the quality of its teaching and the success of its students. Today, recognized by many institutes throughout Quebec, our aesthetic diplomas are very valuable in the industry.


Edith Serei is equally recognized for the quality of its beauty products developed in Quebec. The products are used in class and especially rewarded and mentioned in several magazines.

Reason #2: The Diversity of its Courses

Our Academy has always welcomed young people who want to discover the domain of aesthetics as well as professionals who wish to obtain a new skill for their salon.

This is why we propose diverse courses and training adapted to all types of profiles. It is possible to choose from a course of photo waxing for a salon manager, to complete training courses with theoretical and practical for a young woman of 18 years of age.

Edith Serei offers more than 25 different training courses in its Academy covering the field of aesthetics and advanced aesthetics: manicure, hair removal, make-up, skin care, photo rejuvenation, microdermabrasion, micro-blading, etc. So much opportunity to choose the courses that suit you best!

You can, therefore, choose between the specific aesthetic courses or tailor-made to acquire new skills.


Reason #3: Flexibility of our Trainings and Courses

Because we want to offer our students the best possible conditions, we offer true flexibility for our aesthetics courses. We propose theoretical classes online and in-person practical classes. Additionally, for some courses, the practical courses can be offered in the evening! We offer training ranging from one day to several weeks.

We welcome students to two campuses in Laval and Montreal for in-person aesthetics classes and all our courses are bilingual.

Reason #4: A True Support for your Professional Integration

At Edith Serei, we do everything to facilitate your professional integration and allow you to apply your knowledge. Some courses are accompanied by internships in major institutes. Thanks to the quality of our teaching, we have established collaborations with many renowned institutions in order to allow you to do internships there.

We also regularly offer client days that allow students to work with established clients, supervised by our teachers. Many initiatives are also offered each year to students to allow them to discover the different professions in the aesthetic sector.

Choose the Edith Serei Academy for your Aesthetic Training

The Edith Serei Academy is the diploma, the certificate that you need for your career in aesthetics. Highly recognized in Quebec by professionals in the sector, the school possesses over 25,000 graduates. Our institution is equally recognized by Revenu Quebec.

Do not hesitate to come and meet us to discover all our courses that will give a true gateway to the world of aesthetics!

How to Choose the Right Beauty School

With the start of the school year just around the corner, now is the perfect time to enroll in an esthetics course. If you’ve been wanting to study esthetics for a while, or if you want to explore the field of esthetics and the different courses offered, you’ll certainly find something to suit your needs at Edith Serei Academy.

If you are about to enroll in an esthetics course or if you have several questions and are looking for the best esthetics school to meet your expectations, we are here to help you. 

In the following lines, we will answer your questions and list the 6 main elements to consider in order to choose the right beauty school for you.

Comment bien choisir son école d'esthétique

1. The Course Offering

When choosing your beauty school, it’s important to consider their course offerings. Schools that have a wider variety of courses offer the opportunity to specialize once you have completed your esthetics training. 

You can choose from a variety of courses and build a curriculum that suits you. Furthermore, when you finish your esthetics training, you can always choose to continue your studies and explore other courses that might interest you more. 

At Edith Serei Academy, you can choose to complete a certificate, attestation or diploma in a variety of esthetics courses. We offer courses ranging from one day to several weeks in length. In addition, depending on the course you choose, it can be offered entirely online, in hybrid mode or in person.



Make-up II, III and permanent




Skin care




Make-up I


Classic and volume eyelash extensions

Eyelash enhancement


Injections theory




Chemical peeling

Foot care


Artificial nails

Hygiene and safety



The courses will allow you to focus on what you love most and customize your path at Edith Serei Academy. If you wish to become an esthetician, you will need to complete the Esthetics Diploma. You may also choose to complete another certification or attestation and work in a beauty salon.

A wide range of certificates, attestations and diplomas are offered at Edith Serei Academy such as skin care, eyelash extensions, manicure and pedicure, esthetics, photoepilation, make-up and much more. Check out our online training and our diploma to become an esthetician

2. Practice Hours

Another important thing to consider is the amount of practice time the school allows. The more hours of practice you have, the better. So, when you are looking for a beauty school to pursue your training, consider the number of theoretical and practical hours that the school will offer. 

The more opportunities you have to practice what you’ve learned and develop your skills, the more comfortable you’ll be as you begin your career as an esthetician or a technician. The best way to perfect your skills is to practice more on different types of skin and clients. 

3. Up to Date With Current Trends

An important aspect to consider is the material that will be taught in your training. For example, if you choose a school that addresses new trends in the market, it will give you a competitive edge. 

Taking a course that is continually revised and adapted to new techniques and trends in esthetics will allow you to offer better care and results to your clients.


4. The Location of the School

Even if the majority of the theory of a course is given in virtual or hybrid mode, the practical portion remains in person. Therefore, the location of your beauty school is an important element to consider since you will have to travel to classes.

Choosing a school that is easily accessible by car, bus, metro or train is an important criteria to consider when choosing a beauty school.

5. The Available Equipment

As an esthetics student, you will obviously need to practice and you will do so more with the equipment available at your school. Therefore, choosing a school that has a lot of quality equipment is an advantage in itself. 

If your school has quality equipment as well as safe products approved by Health Canada, it will facilitate your work and ensure a better service for your clients.  At Edith Serei Academy, we have all the equipment approved by Health Canada to ensure the best training and learning. 

Formation esthétique

6. The School’s Know-how

Before you decide on a school and training program, you need to evaluate several aspects of it. You should consider the experience and specialization of the institute and its teachers. A school that has a good knowledge of the field and years of experience is definitely a good choice of school. In addition, a school where you will get support and guidance throughout your training will be beneficial for your academic career.

Why Choose Edith Serei Academy?

At Edith Serei Academy, it is years of know-how, more than 25,000 graduates, it is a pledge of quality, it is a notoriety of more than 60 years, it is a range of products and pure happiness for our customers. Our goal is to pass on our knowledge to the beauticians of tomorrow! 

At Edith Serei Academy, you get more practice with the online esthetics course. Online theory courses allow students to maximize the amount of time spent on practice during face-to-face classes. Learn more about our online esthetics courses and their schedule.



Extensions and Enhancement: Get Dream Lashes

The beauty industry has evolved tremendously over the past few years. Nowadays, there are many options available to enhance your lashes. Whether it is mascara, eyelash extensions or lash lifts, you will certainly find a technique that you like best.

At Edith Serei Academy, we offer classic and volume eyelash extension training as well as lash lift training. We will discuss each of these techniques and who they are for.

These are interesting services to add to your beauty center. Many clients could be interested in these three possibilities. Moreover, it is also a way to build customer loyalty.

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions have experienced a tremendous rise in popularity over the past few years. Many clients opt for this option which gives a beautiful result and simplifies the preparation. With eyelash extensions, you will never need mascara again. We all agree that sometimes mascara can be unpleasant.

Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent solution and last about 4 to 6 weeks. When choosing lash extensions, you can also choose to have fillers every 2 to 3 weeks to keep your lashes looking full.

What is a Lash Lift?

Unlike eyelash extensions, a lash lift does not require the addition of false lashes. With the help of a product like keratin, your lashes get a natural curve that will last up to 8 weeks. It is a semi-permanent solution that gives a more natural look than lash extensions. 

The lash lift is a lower maintenance solution than mascara and lash extensions because no components are added to your lashes. Also, when you have lash extensions, you need to brush them and make sure they don’t clump. Whereas for eyelash enhancement, no maintenance is required.

Lash Lift Training vs. Eyelash Extensions Training

Lash lift and eyelash extensions are very different techniques even if they have a common goal. Thus, we have identified for you the elements that differentiate online lash lift training from online eyelash extensions training.

Lash Enhancement:

Eyelash Extensions:

During your lash lift training, you will learn how to curl and enhance your clients’ natural lashes. The lash lift lasts an average of 6 to 8 weeks. You will also learn how to tint your clients’ natural lashes to achieve a more intense look.

This treatment is the ideal solution for people with long, straight lashes. The treatment can also be interesting for individuals who have very light hair and wish to have a very natural look. Finally, this solution may also appeal to your clients who are prone to allergies to the components of eyelash extensions.  

If you pursue eyelash enhancement training at Edith Serei Academy, you will learn more about the steps of the lash lift technique, hygiene and safety, eyelash care and lash tinting.

The training includes a starter kit of Sugarlash Pro products, as well as the lash lift training.

When you choose to pursue an eyelash extensions course, you will start with the classic eyelash extension training. Once completed, you will have the option to further your knowledge by continuing with the volume eyelash extension course

Topics covered in the course include eye anatomy, hygiene and safety, suitable products, the difference between types of extensions, eye morphology and much more.

For the volume eyelash application course, the techniques taught will be more advanced. You will learn to master lash clumps from 2D to 6D. You will also learn the different styles of application and the variations between a pre-assembled clump and the creation of clumps. 

The training includes a starter kit of Sugarlash Pro products. This is a leading eyelash extension company. Sugarlash Pro is also our professional partner par excellence for our eyelash extensions and lash lift 360 training.

Professional Prospects

By completing your training at Edith Serei Academy, you could choose to start your own business after your training. Starting your own business in eyelash application and enhancement will give you more flexibility. You can also choose to join an existing salon as a technician. 

Also, the training could be an addition to the services you already offer. Expanding your specializations could be beneficial to acquire a new clientele.

The training offered at the Edith Serei Academy allows for great flexibility in terms of professional perspectives. This is a great advantage of the training that is offered at the academy. Moreover, our training also has a hybrid formula which allows a good balance between professional and personal life.

Why Choose Edith Serei Academy?

At Edith Serei, you get more practice with our certificates that are offered partially online. Distance learning courses allow students to maximize the time spent practicing during face-to-face classes. Learn more about our online esthetics courses and their schedule.

At Edith Serei Academy, you have access to years of expertise and more than 60 years of reputation. Our goal is to pass on our knowledge to the lash technicians of tomorrow!



3 Reasons to Attend a Manicure and Pedicure Course This Summer

Maximize Your Time This Summer

With summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to register for one of the esthetic courses offered at Edith Serei Academy, such as manicure and pedicure training. Moreover, most of our courses are offered online which will allow you to enjoy the beautiful weather this summer while working on your professional development.

At the Edith Serei Academy, we have set up a variety of online courses in order to offer flexibility to our students. They can choose the courses that best suits their needs and availability. To learn more about our courses offerings, you can consult the list of courses offered online at Edith Serei Academy.

Manicure and Pedicure Training: A Must For the Summer

The Edith Serei Academy has created a training program that is entirely focused on the most current manicure and pedicure techniques on the market. This training is offered in a hybrid formula, which allows you to follow the theoretical portion at your own pace and pursue the practical portion in class. 

If you are thinking of enrolling in an esthetic course this summer, or if you are looking to make a career change, the manicure and pedicure course is an excellent idea. Not only will you be able to take part of this training in the comfort of your own home, you will also have the opportunity to put into practice what you have learned. During live classes, you will practice on potential clients.

Also, Edith Serei Academy is currently revising the manicure and pedicure training curriculum to make the platform and materials more user-friendly and up to date for the students.

If you are interested or intrigued by this training, we have listed the 3 reasons why you should consider enrolling in Edith Serei Academy’s manicure and pedicure training

1. Learn the Latest Techniques on the Market

The manicure and pedicure training will allow you to practice the most current techniques on the market. Increasingly popular in spas and beauty centers, manicures and pedicures are important treatments in the field of aesthetics. Therefore, by completing your training at Edith Serei Academy, you will have several job opportunities available to you.

During your training, you will explore how to execute a manicure and pedicure treatment in a safe and hygienic way. You will be able to identify the risks and dangers in an esthetic salon and to properly advise a client. During this training, you will also become familiar with the different techniques and products used for a manicure and pedicure. Here are some of the topics that will be covered during the theoretical part of the course:

  • Basic manicures and spa
  • Basic pedicures and spa
  • Anatomy of the hands and feet
  • Gel polish application

In addition, health and safety and customer service are very important elements that will be covered in the different sections. You will be able to better understand how to take care of your clients and how to provide excellent service.


2. A Training in Hybrid Formula

At Edith Serei Academy, we have adapted our training to the current reality. Our manicure and pedicure training is composed of 2 distinct segments. There is a theoretical segment supported by demonstrative videos to be done at one’s own pace and there is a hands-on practical segment spread over 10 weeks in class. 

In addition, the virtual courses allow the teachers to offer even more support to the students. You will benefit from the pedagogical support of our team of instructors throughout your journey to obtain your certificate.

3. Professional Opportunities

At Edith Serei Academy, we have adapted our training to the current reality. Our manicure and pedicure training is composed of 2 distinct segments. There is a theoretical segment supported by demonstrative videos to be done at one’s own pace and there is a hands-on practical segment spread over 10 weeks in class. 

In addition, the virtual courses allow the teachers to offer even more support to the students. You will benefit from the pedagogical support of our team of instructors throughout your journey to obtain your certificate.

Edith Serei Academy Advantage

Edith Serei Academy is a beauty institute renowned for its years of expertise. The Academy has over 25,000 graduates. Recognized for its quality and its notoriety of more than 60 years, the Édith Serei Academy is a wide variety of products and pure happiness for our customers. Our goal is to pass on our knowledge to the beauticians of tomorrow! 

At Edith Serei Academy, you get more practice thanks to the hybrid formula of our courses. Online theoretical courses, such as manicure and pedicure training, allow students to maximize the amount of time spent practicing in the classroom. Learn more about our online esthetics courses and their schedule.




Unravelling Aesthetic Electrolysis and Photoepilation

In the world of aesthetics, there is a confusion between the different hair removal techniques. Several permanent hair removal techniques exist, but we know very little about how they work or what differentiates them. For that reason, we are going to demystify how electrolysis and photoepilation work in order to inform you about the different functions that these methods have.

What Is Aesthetic Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is a hair removal method that removes hair permanently. Being the oldest way of permanently removing hair, electrolysis is a technique that has proven itself in the world of aesthetics and is recognized for its great effectiveness and safety.


Electrolysis is a method that consists of introducing a very fine filament into the hair follicle. An electrical pulse is then activated to eliminate the bulb and thus break down the hair root. With electrolysis, the hairs are treated one at a time and may require several treatments over several years. Depending on the treatment area and the amount of hair, the electrolysis hair removal process can be completed on a medium to long term.

The Advantages of Electrolysis

The electrolysis technique has several advantages. We have identified several of these advantages to help you understand how this method is adapted to many needs.

  • Removes blond, white or red hair
  • Works on all skin types and colours
  • Little redness after electrolysis treatment and if it does, it will disappear after a few days
  • Very precise technique 
  • Allows to treat eyebrows, nose and very small areas 
  • Very safe

Unfolding of an Electrolysis Treatment

At your first appointment, the electrolysis treatment period will last a maximum of 15 minutes since the esthetician will necessarily want to see how the skin reacts to the electrolysis hair removal method. Thereafter, your esthetician will suggest in which way you should proceed the treatments, either with long sessions or shorter frequent sessions.  


Since this method treats one hair at a time and each hair may require several treatments, electrolysis is known as a technique that can take several years to complete. Therefore, in order to complete the hair removal process it is highly recommended to use the electrolysis technique after the photoepilation treatment, whether it is IPL or laser treatment, or to use it for smaller areas such as the eyebrows.

 Electrolysis vs. Photoepilation

To help you differentiate between the different hair removal techniques, we will also discuss photo-epilation. Electrolysis can be a time consuming and expensive method since it removes one hair at a time, while photoepilation is known to be fast. 


The photoepilation method is very popular because of its quick results and effectiveness. This technique removes one hair diameter at a time and uses the light pulse to penetrate under the skin so that the bulb bursts. 


Photoepilation targets the dark spots, so if you have light-coloured hair, it will necessarily be more difficult for the laser to stop on them. Ideally, there needs to be a contrast between the hair and the skin, so the laser immediately captures the bulbs. 


Some of the advantages of photo-epilation treatment include:

  • Fast treatment;
  • Can cover large areas in a short time;
  • Removes ingrown hairs;
  • Allows us to shave between sessions


On the other hand, this method has some disadvantages that may require an electrolysis treatment to complete the permanent hair removal. Some of the disadvantages photo-epilation treatment include:

  • Lack of precision;
  • Costly in the short term;
  • Does not treat red, blond and white hair well;
  • There may be a presence of fine, pale hair on the area at the end of the treatment.

Electrolysis to Complete The Photoepilation Treatment

In reality, electrolysis and photoepilation treatment are a perfect combo. One cannot go without the other. The ideal is to start your permanent hair removal process with the photoepilation treatment and then complete it with electrolysis if there are still some fine and unwanted hairs.

Complete a Training Course at The Académie Édith Serei

At the Académie Édith Serei, we are proud to offer a certificate in electrolysis as well as a diploma in photoepilation. Photo-epilation training is a complementary technique to electrolysis that will allow you to expand your field of expertise. Both methods of permanent hair removal are safe and always in demand. In your courses at Académie Édith Serei you will learn more about the hygiene and safety of hair removal techniques, the theory of electricity and equipment, the structure of the hair follicle and skin and much more. 


Académie Edith Serei is your facility of choice to complete your training in electrolysis and photoepilation, which includes laser and IPL training. Today, Edith Serei Academy has over 25,000 graduates. By choosing the Academy, which has a reputation of over 60 years, you are assured of quality and will have access to the best teachers in the field.



6 Benefits of Choosing an Online Makeup Course

cours de maquillage en ligne - Édith Serei

What Is an Online Makeup Course?

You may not have known it, but it is possible to complete a makeup course online. Taking your makeup course online has many advantages such as flexibility, accessing the platform at any time, advancing at your own pace, etc. 

If you want a top quality makeup course that you can take from the comfort of your own home, look no further. Our online courses at Edith Serei Academy are optimized for at-home learning with demo videos, platform access, and online instructional support. 

To help you clarify your decision to complete a distance learning makeup course, in the following lines we have identified for you the 6 key advantages of choosing an online course. This will help you understand why this type of training might be a better fit for your needs and expectations as a future professional makeup artist.

cours de maquillage en ligne - Édith Serei

1. Learn at Your Own Pace

In 2021, online learning is a common reality. Many institutions have had to adapt and introduce online and blended learning. These changes have brought their share of challenges, but also benefits that should not be overlooked, such as allowing students to learn at their own pace. In addition to allowing flexibility in managing students’ schedules, they benefit from learning that is personalized to their needs. 


If you wish to complete your makeup course online, it is important to consider the advantages that this can bring such as being able to organize yourself freely, for example if you have a work schedule and are pursuing your studies you will be able to progress at your own pace. In addition, taking an online makeup course allows you to pursue a course that interests you without having to travel to another city.

2. Access to the Online Platform and Demo Videos at All Times

When you take online makeup classes, it’s nice to be able to access them from anywhere. But the real advantage is that you can access them at any time. Let’s say you’re watching a theoretical segment on psychofigurism by Edith Serei and you didn’t quite catch a technique, you can listen to it again at any time as often as you like.

3. Reproduce Makeup Techniques in the Comfort of Your Home

Taking an online makeup course also allows you to practice the techniques on yourself or family members as often as you like. You will also be able to perfect your makeup techniques or work further on some of them. 

When you continue your online makeup course at Edith Serei Academy, you will also get a makeup kit from Edith Serei. Getting the best products to start your career as a MUA is a big plus. Moreover, having access to your makeup at all times will allow you to practice artistic or professional makeup wherever and whenever you want.

4. More In-Class Practice

In order to be a good makeup artist and get your makeup diploma, it obviously requires practice. At Edith Serei Academy, since the entire theoretical phase is online, once you join the face-to-face classes you will have more practice time than students did in the previous course.

That is to say, when the courses were given in person only, the sessions were divided between the theoretical and practical segments. Now, when you join the classes, you will have a reminder of the theory in class and all the remaining time will be reserved for the practice of the make-up techniques.

Formation esthétique

5. Private Meeting With Teachers by Zoom

Choosing to pursue your makeup artist course online is also about having better accessibility to your resources. We’ve already discussed the fact that you’ll have access to the materials on our platform at all times. But with online courses, you will also have easier access to the teachers. It will be easier for you to schedule private meetings with them to review techniques and ask questions.

6. Edith Serei Makeup Kit

We are proud to offer students a makeup kit by Edith Serei. It is very advantageous to get a high-quality makeup kit right from the start of your online course. Starting in June, you will have the chance to use our products to practice your makeup techniques. All MUA online course students will receive a personalized kit as it will contain products offered in several shades for various skin tones.


Edith Serei Academy’s Online Makeup Certificate

What is included in my online makeup course?

  • Online theory course with videos and exercises
  • In-person practical course
  • Make-up kit by Edith Serei
  • Pedagogical support throughout the course
  • Access to the platform and its material at all times


How much does online makeup training cost?

At the Edith Serei Academy, the online makeup courses cost a total of $2995, which includes the theoretical portion of the course, the practical portion in person, and the Edith Serei makeup kit worth 450$ + taxes. 

How long does the course last?

Our online makeup course has 2 phases. First, you will complete the theoretical segment supported by video demonstrations at your own pace and second, you will begin the practical segment spread over 10 weeks in class. 

What topics will be covered?

In the Edith Serei Academy’s online make-up certificate, the following themes will be covered: 

  • Skin analysis
  • Colour theory
  • Makeup for mature skin and skin of various colours
  • Face and eyebrow correction
  • Day, 5–7, evening, gala and bridal makeup

The Advantages You Benefit From When Studying at Edith Serei Academy

At the Édith Serei Academy, it is years of know-how, more than 25,000 graduates, it is a pledge of quality, it is a notoriety of more than 60 years, it is a range of products and pure happiness for our customers. Our goal is to transmit our knowledge to the beauticians of tomorrow! 

Moreover, all our courses are taught simultaneously in French and English and the face-to-face courses are offered in Montreal and Laval during the day and evening, which also offers flexibility depending on where you live or work. 


When you continue your studies at Edith Serei Academy, you will also be able to combine your studies with other courses that are offered at Edith Serei Academy such as Make-up II, Make-up III, special effects, eyelash extensions, etc. 

Learn more about our online makeup course and its schedule.