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  • Quality Products for Dry Skin in Montreal

    Académie Edith Serei is proud to offer a wide selection of gels, masks, and lotions for dry skin :

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    Revitalizing Serum

    Revitalizing Serum - $37

    Concentrated serum for dehydrated skin.
    Directions : apply with fingertips to a clean damp face. Massage into skin using light circular movements. Avoid eye contours and lips. Do not rinse. Use twice a week with Sea Plankton Cream. For a shock treatment, apply daily until the bottle is empty.

    Plankton Mask

    Plankton Mask - $38

    Sea plankton mask for dehydrated skin.
    Directions : clean skin with Cleansing Milk, rinse well and if needed, exfoliate skin to maximize the mask’s effects. Tone skin with Revitalizing Lotion. Using a mask brush or your fingers, apply the mask over the entire face. Let it set in for 10 minutes and rinse well. Apply Sea Plankton Cream.

    Phyto Plankton Fluid

    Phyto Plankton Fluid - $45

    Dehydrated skin cream for everyday use.
    Directions : apply a thin coat of cream on a clean neck and face. Lightly massage into skin until the cream is completely absorbed. Avoid all contact with eyes.

    Cleansing Milk

    Cleansing Milk - $32

    Cleansing milk and makeup remover for dry and dehydrated skin.
    Directions: apply a good amount of cleanser on a clean round cotton pad or sponge. Carefully clean the face and neck with warm water, focusing on areas that require more attention. Finalize cleansing with a cotton pad or sponge covered with Revitalizing Lotion. Avoid all contact with eyes.

    Revitalizing Lotion

    Revitalizing Lotion - $32

    Stimulating lotion that revitalizes dry, dull looking skin.
    Directions : once your face has been cleansed with milk and thoroughly rinsed, apply the revitalizing lotion with a cotton pad to refine your cleaning routine.

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